Richard Wasik


I'm a versatile attorney with solid, innovative small business and personal litigation skills, including 37+ year's experience in criminal and personal injury law.  As a sole practitioner, I'm focused on providing superior service while developing innovative, successful, highly effective and creative case strategies. I thrive in dynamic environments and quickly adapt to the ever-changing demands of the legal field. Detail-oriented, conscientious and organized with over 37 years experience achieving favorable outcomes. My goal is to help you achieve your desired results at a fair price.


  • Nitasha J. Recommends Richard Wasik

    Richard has provided legal advice and guidance during a difficult situation. We found him to be experienced, responsive, knowledgeable and honest. While working with Richard, we felt as though our situation was in adept and trustworthy hands, and he did not steer us wrong.During the entire proces...
  • Rose M. Recommends Richard Wasik

    Rich has been our attorney for many years.  He has seen us through some tricky closings and we have always been grateful for his acumen and agility when dealing with banks, realtors and opposing attorneys.We have recommended Rich to friends and family for their closings.  All of them have thanked...
  • Bonnie G. Recommends Richard Wasik

    Very intelligent, straight shooter! He will tell you honestly and advise quickly and give you the best options to make a decision right for your case!  I highly recommend !!
  • M. L. Recommends Richard Wasik

    Rich's bullet proof evidentiary trial argument, against a calculating tenant who refused to leave, obtained the order of possession I needed to take control of my property again.  Rich was the calm within the storm of the Cook County eviction process.He has it all, knowledge, experience, excellen...
  • Christopher I. Recommends Richard Wasik

    I am a first time home buyer who just completed closing. As many know, the process can be long, arduous, and stressful. There were some bumps along the way - due to permit issues on the seller's part - and a complete change of course was needed, which led to finding a different property; it is on...
  • Matt F. Recommends Richard Wasik

    I am not big on writing reviews, unless an experience was either very disappointing or exceeded all expectations. This is one of those times that an expectation was exceeded and is worth the time of writing a review.Rich was recommended to me to help with our legal needs. He did a phenomenal job ...
  • Monica M. Recommends Richard Wasik

    Rich was recommened to me by my realtor for the sale of my apartment building.  Boy, was I happy she did!  He truly did a great job keeping me in the loop when necessary and keeping me out when it wasn't.  I appreciate that.  It was over a year that he stuck by me through a number of contracts an...
  • Tiffany S. Recommends Richard Wasik

    I highly recommend Richard for any traffic issues you may have. I received a semi serious speeding ticket and on my first court appearance the judge suggested I get an attorney for my case. I received a second court date which I totally forgot about (as life gets in the way). I called the circuit...
  • Marty A. Recommends Richard Wasik

    Let's start like this-- I am VERY glad I contracted the services of Mr. Wasik.   I had what I thought was a simple issue, yet, as the story goes, nothing is simple.Rich was truly a self-sustaining force throughout the whole process, which lasted much longer than expected.  He gave me the freedom ...

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